Forest Voice Soaps

Forest Voice soaps are artfully created from rich elements of forest, meadow and stream with fragrances like no other soaps in the world!

Made from coconut, palm and olive oils, with natural earth clays, spices, herbs, essential oils, Vitamin E and pure African Shea Butter for its superior moisturizing properties.

These soaps are the culmination of 2 decades of soapmaking experience.  Rich lathering, moisturizing, exceptionally mild and wonderfully textured....  They are simply fabulous!

Forest Voice Gift Box $25.00
An assortment of all 9 Forest Voice Soaps (each bar 1.75 oz.) in a beautiful wooden gift box.  Handmade with solid brass nails.  Exceptionally attractive!

Forest Voice Gift Crate $16.50
3 full size bars in a beautifully finished crate.  Handmade with solid brass nails.

Green Tea & Willow   4 oz. bar $4.00
Light, crisp, green fragrance, with green clay.

Elm & Lavender 4 oz. bar $4.00
This uniquely different bar contains 3 different lavender oils to create its wonderful, full aroma.

Meadowsweet 4 oz. bar $4.00
Meadowsweet herb, Peruvian Balsam and vanilla give this bar a wonderful, warm, sweet aroma.

Walnut Spice  4 oz. bar $4.00
A favorite bar for men and women!  Great texture with a fabulous fragrance - allspice, nutmeg and clove. 

Sage 4 oz. bar $4.00
Ground sage, Sage leaf oil and green clay...simply a beautiful bar.

Elder Flower 4 oz. bar $4.00
Soothing Elder Flower with a delightfully refreshing fragrance.

Salmonberry 4 oz. bar $4.00
Salmonberry leaf with the sweet fragrance of vanilla and a splash of citrus...fabulous!

Lemon & Bay 4 oz. bar $4.00
Fresh Lemon with Chamomile flowers and spicey Bay.