Brookside Soaps

Our original Brookside line of soaps has led the way in the natural soap industry for 13 years.   Made from fine vegetable oils, herbs, essential oils and pure African Shea Butter for its moisturizing properties, these soaps have a dedicated following around the world. We also offer natural wholesale soaps for distribution. 


Rosemary & Lavender $3.50
4 oz. - with chamomile for a relaxing, soothing bath.

Oatmeal & Almond $3.50
4 oz. - gentle facial scrub with skin softening oatmeal

Spearmint $3.50
4 oz. - if you love spearmint, this fabulously fragrant bar will have you singing in the shower!

Tangerine & Witch Hazel $3.50
4 oz. - mildly astringent for normal to oily skin

Avocado & Calendula $3.50
4 oz. - nourishing and moisturizing for dry skin

Extra Mild Castile $3.50
4 oz. - baby mild, unscented for sensitive or dry skin

Cinnamon Hand Scrub $3.50
4 oz. - for gardeners, cooks, potters and painters....for hands that do work.

BEST FRIEND Pet Shampoo Bar $3.50
4 oz. - yes, a highly effective pet shampoo bar that cleans, conditions and deodorizes.  (formulated to be especially helpful for the special needs of dogs.....also works very well for cats...for those who dare.)

Nature's Soap Bar Unscented Bar $3.50
4 oz. - our natural soap bars leave your skin feeling clean and soft.

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